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Will Faerber



Will Faerber is a USDF Silver Medalist who has been training professionally for over thirty years. He has competed to the Grand Prix Level in Dressage and has brought many horses and riders into the FEI levels winning championships at state and regional finals. He also competed for three consecutive years on the prestigious Florida winter circuit where he and his horses were consistent winners. Will has also competed successfully on the Hunter/Jumper circuit.

During the 1970s and 80s, Mr. Faerber was head trainer at Rancho Mecedora in Del Mar California. Then his emphasis was on Three-day Eventing, having just moved west from Unionville Pennsylvania where he was head trainer for Patrick's Well Farm.

Mr. Faerber is a classical horseman. He studied extensively in Portugal with Nuno Oliveria—who he considers to be his greatest influence—as well as Arthur Kottas at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and Gerard Kirsh in France. Mr. Faerber’s clients and their horses have won regional and state championships as well asw Horse of the Year Awards, Training thru Intermediare. Ml Faerber has also competed successfully on the hunter/jumper circuit and teaches the Classical European style over Fences

~Will Faerbers Philosophy~

ART 2 Ride reflects a philosophy of training. Horses and riders should be beautiful, performing at the top of their athletic potential while being relaxed, focused and non-resistive regardless if they are jumping a 5’ foot fence or performing Grand Prix Movements.  The horse must be round, that is it must be taught to engage deeply from behind and only then can the horse be truly balanced and only when the horse is truly balanced  will it accept the riders aids without resistance.

Mr Faerber finds it disconcerting to see lack of training in the industry today ,horses and riders being forced into positions they haven’t properly developed too many riders  and trainers are looking for quick fixes that allow the horses to do the tricks without the proper foundation.  It takes tremendous skill and experience to determine on a day to day basis what a particular horse/rider needs each day to keep progressing correctly. Mr. Faerber's goal in teaching is to impart this classical system to each of his students in a way that is understandable, allowing each to progress with their horse in his absence.

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